Acuvue Vita for Astigmatism


Left eye (OS)

Right eye (OD)

Acuvue Vita for Astigmatism

Key Features:

  • ACUVUE VITA contact lenses incorporate HydraMax Technology providing you with an extended hydration period with your contact lenses. ACUVUE VITA lenses are available in a box of 6 lenses.
  • They provide the wearer with a superior form of UV Protection compared to other contact lenses.
  • Those uncomfortable and irritated feelings are now gone as ACUVUE VITA contact lenses will continue to deliver through the whole month.

The NEW ACUVUE VITA contact lenses incorporate HydraMax Technology which provides a constant level of hydration throughout the month. Not only will it maximise hydration, but it will also reduce the potential discomfort to such an extent that you will feel as if you have just started with new lenses.

Furthermore, the UV Protection is the highest in the industry, so not only will your eyesight be helped, but you know that there will also be no additional damage being caused by external sources either.

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