How to Measure Your Frame Size

Getting to know how a frame will fit on your face is an essential step in buying frames and sunglasses online as opposed to in-store, that's why we've put together a simple guide on how to find the right sized frame for you!

Each frame is measured in:

  • Diameter of each lens i.e. the eye size (mm)
  • Distance between the lenses i.e. the bridge (mm)

For example: a frame may read 54-18, which translates to diameter of each lens 52mm, and distance between the lenses 17mm.

OPTION 1: Use the Size of Your Current Frame

If you already have a pair of glasses, your frame size can usually be found on the inside of the frame - usually inside one of the temples. Other places which may show your frame size are along the insode of the nose pad, across the bridge of the frame, or even the ear piece.

What to look for:

The frame size is indicated by two sets of two-digit numbers and then a three-digit number. Here's how to identify them:

  • The first two-digit number ranging from 40 to 62 = Your Eye Size

  • The second two-digit number ranging from 14 to 24 = Your Bridge Size

  • A three-digit number ranging from 120 to 150 = Your Temple Size

How to find these numbers:

The eye size and bridge size are often located next to one another, usually separated by a square box icon. The temple size may follow those two sets of numbers either immediately after or with other info in between. Everything else on the inside of the frame may be ignored.

OPTION 2: Get the Measurements In-Store

If you are first time wearer and don't have a pair of glasses, then getting your measurements in-store from any optical store is just as easy:

1. Go to any nearby frames or sunglass store and try some on.

2. Ask for the measurements from the store assistants or optical technicians.

3. Get a range of measurements that will fit your face by first trying on some frames which are too small and then recording those measurements down, and then trying some on which are too big and recording those measurements.

4. Any size in between should fit nicely on your face.

OPTION 3: Rule-of-Thumb Guidelines

Using a quick measurement guide based on your frame shape is another easy way to pick out a suitable frame size:

  • Small - 40mm – 49mm will be perfect for slender or narrow face shapes.

  • Medium - 49mm – 54mm will be perfect for a face shape of average proportions.

  • Large - 54mm and Above will be perfect for wider face shapes.

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